Enrolling your unruly, untrained dog in a "doggie boot camp" may sound like a good idea, but consider this.  For one, dogs are not computers that can be programmed by someone else and then you take it home, plug it in and it runs smoothly with no more glitches.  No, dogs are living, breathing, social beings.  They are pack animals, meaning all that they do and the world in which they live is relationship based.  Furthermore, they are discriminating, meaning they treat each person in their lives differently and relate to them on a different plane.  That's why your dog might listen to you but tunes out your kids, behaves dominantly with the neighbor's dog but cowers at the dog park.  

With this in mind, we have designed a unique residential program like no other that allows us to jump start the training, but keeps you in the loop and shows you how to cultivate and maintain a relationship based on leadership and mutual respect rather than fear.  We want you to have the same success at home that we have while your dog is with us.




Jump Start - Stay & Learn Residential Programs
We understand that today's pet parents are busy people, commuting to work every day, chauffering kids to and from soccer practice, and attending Parent/Teacher conferences in the evening doesn't always allow time for group classes and or consistent training at home.  To respond to this need we have created our Jump Start - Stay & Learn Residential Training Program just for today's busy pet parent.  We don't want time constraints to prevent you from having the well behaved dog you want. 

The program begins with a comprehensive private in-your-home consultation where together we come up with reasonable training goals for your pet.  Then your dog will stay & learn with us at our campus for 3 weeks, while we lay the foundation for good manners and basic obedience skills: Sit, Stay, Come, Loose Leash Walking, Down, Off, Leave it, and Wait.  Your dog will work with a trainer both indoors and outdoors in multiple sessions throughout the day and will go on daily field trips to area shopping centers, downtown Fredericksburg, and local parks.  Additionally, if appropriate, your dog will also be socialized with other dogs, enjoy playtime in our doggie daycare, plus participate in a customized fitness plan that includes daily exercise (treadmill training and/or swimming) and optimum nutrition.  Upon completion of this phase, you will receive your 2nd in-your-home private consultation where you will be briefed on how to maintain and build on the behaviors your dog has learned.  Because it is imperative that you establish the same relationship with your dog that we've been able to cultivate, participants in our Jump Start - Stay & Learn Training Program should view this as an open ended program.  All graduates may attend our Flexible Training group classes FREE OF CHARGE for 6 months.

Dogs must be 4 months of age or older and be current on immunizations (DHLPP/Rabies/Bordatella). 
The puppy program is the same as above but for a shorter duration of 2 weeks.  For puppies 10 weeks and up.
Email for prices and/or more information.




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