Have a dog that has completed basic manners and obedience and you'd like him to advance his training?

The objective of this class is to take your dog training to the next level and better your dog’s skills to an advanced level. 


What will your dog learn?
  • Off leash behaviors
  • Distance Behaviors 
  • Fluency
  • Reliability
  • Precision
  • Fun tricks


Virtual learning might be a foreign concept to many, but there are many benefits to this format:
1. You can learn at your own pace. 
2. You can go back and review lessons when needed.
3. You can "attend" class any time of day or night, when it is convenient for YOU.
4. You can do it in your pajamas! :)
"But what about instructor feedback?" - OUR ONLINE CLASSES PROVIDE THAT TOO!
Each class will include access to a private class forum in which you can ask questions, share videos with the instructor, and receive feedback.
We also include LIVE online sessions in real time in which you can see and ask the instructor questions as well.

Oline Basic Manners & Obedience Fee:
Fee : Introductory price of only $40/month !!!
No long term commitment!