Before Coming to Class

Bring a copy of your dog's shot records to your first class.

Do not feed your dog within 3 hours of attending class.

Be sure to exercise your dog before class and give him time to relieve himself. 

Please respect other dogs' and handlers' space.  Keeping dogs a minimum of 3 feet apart is a good rule of thumb that helps reinforce appropriate dog boundaries and reminds dogs of where their focus should be - ON YOU!

Please wear comfortable clothing.  You may be asked to sit on the floor for a cuddle and massage session.  Chairs will be provided for those who need them.

Wear low-heeled shoes, closed toe shoes with backing and good traction - NO FLIP FLOPS or sandals with open toe and no back strap. Also avoid Crocs, platforms and high heels. Sneakers and/or walking shoes are best.

Bring a 6-foot leather or nylon leash.  NO CHAIN LEASHES OR FLEXI/RETRACTABLE LEASHES.

Dogs should be in a secure preferably Martingale (limited slip) or plain flat buckle collar (nylon or leather). No CHOKE CHAINS OR PRONG COLLARS.

Bring plenty of high value training treats. Use a variety of treats to prevent boredom and keep interest high.

Please do your best to come to as many classes as you can each week.