For dogs up to 6 months of age and older, we offer a special Virtual Basic Manners and Obedience Training Program just for you!
What will your dog learn?
  • Basic obedience and manners to get your pup used to following your direction using positive reinforcement and rewards (we never use fear and intimidation!).
  • Overall problem solving that will make housebreaking easier and show your dog what is and isn't acceptable behavior.
  • Impulse control exercises that prompt your dog to make good choices.
  • Appropriate games to play with your dog that are both fun and educational
  • Guidance for socialization despite social distancing constraint
About Your Instructor:

This course is taught by Laurie C. Wiliams CPDT-KA CCUI CDTI. I have 35+ years experience as a canine educator and behavior counselor. I am the owner and training director of Pup 'N Iron Canine Enrichment Center in Fredericksburg, VA and have been not only servicing my local area but have taught dogs internationally as well. I look forward to working with you!

Next class session kicks off this Fall. 

Virtual Basic Manners & Obedience Fee:

6 week membership : for ONLY $99.00
Includes Unlimited access to course materials