AGILITY FOUNDATIONS/Beg. Handling  (Tuesday, Feb. 28 7:00pm) This 6 week class is for dogs 12 months and older and is an introduction to the sport of dog agility. Class objectives include:

  • Building teamwork 
  • Introduction to obstacles and fundamentals for proper, safe performance
  • Body awareness and obstacle focus AND fun!

Dogs should have experience in a group class environment, strong recall, and proficiency of working off lead. Prerequisite for this class is completion of Basic Manners II and/or Introduction to Dog Sports or equivalent. Please email if any questions. Class fee: $175 

Beginner Nosework (Thursday - Feb. 23 - 7:00pm) This fun 6 week class is for dogs of any age, size or breed, and will allow your dog to explore his "scent-ability by learning to find various different scents. Sniffing is one of a dog's core needs and is so self rewarding to them. In this dog sport, they not only get the pleasure of sniffing, but they learn there's a big pay off at the end!

Prerequisite: Basic Manners I or equivalent.

Rally Obedience (Thursday, March 9, 3:00pm)  This 6 week class introduces you nd and you dog to the sport of rally obedience. In rally, you and your dog navigate a course together, side-by-side, at your own brisk pace. You move him through a course with signs where he performs different exercises. The courses are designed by the Rally judge (10-20 signs per course, depending on the class level) that include various turns and commands such as sit, down, stay, etc. This is a 6 week multi-level course, so whether you are new or have already been competing, we will work you at your level.

Trick Dog Class (Friday, March 10, 6:00pm) This exciting 6 week class for dogs of any age, size or breed will introduce your dog to a variety of fun tricks and behaviors that sure to “wow” your friends and neighbors! Teaching your dog tricks keeps their mind active and strengthens your relationship. Additionally, you will find that many tricks even have practical use! One thing's for sure, teaching tricks help dogs to love learning because after all. "everything is a trick!

Each class has limited space, sign up today!

Class Fee: $175

Control Unleashed Saturday, (March 25, 11:30am) Fee: $379 See Control Unleashed Page for details