Now there is help for your dog no matter where you live!

The Control Unleashed® program was created by renowned dog trainer Leslie McDevitt to help dogs learn how to better manage their stress, gain confidence and improve their impulse control and ability to focus around triggers and distractions. I am pleased to be among the exclusive group of trainers internationally certified by Leslie herself to offer this innovative program virtually so that it is available to struggling dog guardians worldwide.

Who is it for: 

  • Dogs that are uncomfortable or unable to work around other dogs
  • Dog that are easily distracted and have difficulty concentrating
  • Dogs that are reactive or easily aroused
  • Dogs that are anxious or stressed and shut down
  • Dog that are unable to control their impulses when excited


In this 8 week program, you will learn skills, strategies and more confidence to manage your dog in the presence of triggers and stressful situations. You will also develop better communication and a more trusting relationship with your dog. You will learn to read your dog and communicate on a higher level. 

Each week a new lesson will be presented complete with detailed instructions, videos and a LIVE Zoom class (that will also be recorded for later viewing) to discuss the lesson, ask questions etc. Additionally, there will be a closed Facebook forum in which you can post videos and questions 24/7. Each student will receive one on one feedback on your questions and videos. This class will be running simultaneously with an in-person class so you will get the benefit of also viewing the exercises in real time!

Your Instructor: 

Laurie C. Williams BA CCUI FFC CDTI one of the first Certified Control Unleashed Instructors (CCUI) in Virginia and has been working with reactive dogs throughout her 35 years in the dog training profession. Laurie worked directly under the tutelage and mentorship of Leslie McDevitt herself to obtain this exclusive certification and was a presenter at the first ever Control Unleashed Conference in 2020.


NEXT VIRTUAL CLASS STARTS Monday, Feb. 19, 2024!

Cost: $150 

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